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Cannabis Oil Nano Extraction Equipment

Rick Simpson Method (Improved)

Water Only. Now it’s up to 25% extra oil yield

Step 1

Step 1

Add room temperature or cold water to grinded buds/nugs/leaves 60%/40% w/w in to a mixer. Agitate for 3-5 minutes and proceed with step #2.

Multifunctional industrial cannabis mixing with water tank – 50~5000L capacity

The system is specially designed for medium and small companies.

It is composed of main pot, auxiliary boiler, stainless feeding pump. Bracket platform, control system.

It is suitable to electric heating working condition and main boiler is used to heat homogenizing and add atonal pot boiler is used directly to cool and emulsify quickly and efficiently ,system is suitable to electric heating system .

Step 2

Step 2

“RTS Nano extraction method is here to dramatically improve options in oil extraction.” After few minutes of agitation of water mixture and grinded buds/nugs/leaves in the Step 1, the entire volume is transferred to RTS Cavitation system and being processed continuously within just few minutes. During this process, cavitation bubbles explode and releasing enormous amount of energy, the vapor jets streams released during such collapse of the bubbles penetrate dip in to a molecules structure of the water (solvent) and mash of the plant. This accelerate release of the oil and increases its yield by at least 15%. At this point the entire oil content is extracted and ready to go to next step, to three phase separation.

Step 3

Step 3

In this step we need to transfer the entire mixture of water, extracted oil and mash from the step one in to a high speed three phase separator. Separators filter will capture heavy phase and oil/water will be separated and discharged from the bottom of this centrifuge.

This high speed separator comes in serious capacities – 8liter, 20 liter and 45 liter. The 8 liter unit is 800*620*500mm and weight is 130kg.

After water is separated it can be reused up to 2-4 times.

Improve Oil Yield Up to 25%

It should also be mentioned that this oil has an extremely long shelf life. But for long-term storage, keep in a dark container with a tight lid or a stainless steel container. If kept in a cool dark place when stored, it can maintain its medicinal potency for years.

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