Balanced Water

Balanced Water

Water is a much needed nutrient to the life of every cell. Water helps regulate our internal body temperature, it lubricates our joints, it assists in flushing waste through our kidneys, and the carbohydrates and proteins that are bodies use as food are transported and metabolized by water in our blood. Water does wonders for our body, but sometimes it needs help. Traditionally essential nutrients are not properly absorbed into our bodies and or our cells are not properly hydrated. By applying hydrodynamic cavitation and nanotechnology to our daily water consumption, we are creating the optimal support for our bodies.


Problems with Commonly Used Water

Regular Water

Tap water is known to have several pollutants that is generally a topic of concern. Different chemicals and disinfectants are added to the tap water to reduce the incidental effects caused by those harmful and toxic pollutants. A few examples of the pollutants are Trihalomethanes, Hexavalent Chromium, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Trihalomethanes, an example would be chloroform, is linked to cancer and to cause birth defects.
  • Hexavalent Chromium, also known as the Erin Brockovich Chemical, is an industrial waste product linked to cause cancer. The standard amount of this chemical that is allowed to be in the water is 10 parts per billion
  • Pharmaceuticals, mainly prescription medications, are found in the water due to the fact that consumers are contaminating their own water supply by dumping their pills down the drain.

Regular Bottled Water

Bottled water is typically considered to be a healthier and expensive alternative to tap water, but that is not necessarily the truth. The Natural Resource Defence Council states that most of the bottled water contains the same amount of containments as tap water.

Why Drink

Why Drink Our Balanced Water

  • Our water is Contaminant and Chemical Free
  • Low in Acidity
  • Has Better Absorption Rate
  • Keeps the Body Hydrated
  • Aids the Body in a Natural Detoxification
  • Enhances the Immune System

CBD Water

Now imagine adding the many benefits of CBD into the balanced water you consume. CBD is known to help with pain and recovery. Many athletes are now realizing the many benefits CBD has on the body in regards to post- workout recovery. CBD is the ideal supplement to the diet and recovery of any serious athlete or health conscious person.

How It Works

  • Step 1 Nano Technology – we use our patented Nanotechnology to break down the cannabidiol into tiny micro particles.
  • Step 2 Infuse – We then infuse the CBD into our balanced water.
  • Step 3 Drink up! The Nano sized particles are immediately absorbed into your cells for the ultimate wellness of your body.

Facts about CBD Water

  • Free of THC
  • Provides Hydration
  • Allows for rapid absorption
  • Sugar Free
  • Zero Calories
  • No Artificial ingredients or Harmful Chemicals

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