Traditional pharmaceutical solutions and suspensions might be simple formulations in theory however, they pose to have a few problems such as being unstable and insoluble in water.

Nanoemulsions can be utilized for the production of pharmaceuticals by using pharmaceutical active ingredients. Hydrodynamic cavitation of pharmaceutical ingredients enable the delivery of poorly-soluble pharmaceutical compounds.

Hydrodynamic cavitation can be a powerful tool for the pharmaceutical industry. The cavitation process can integrate well with current processing of the pharmaceutical ingredient and reduce the number of steps in the production.

Formulations derived by Nanoemulsions present several advantages in the pharmaceutical industry due to their effectiveness, safety and bioavailability.

Research shows that nanoemulsion improves the bioavailability of the drug, increases sterility, increases stability, provides greater absorption, can be formulated in numerous dosage forms such as sprays, creams, gels, liquids and foams, helps solubilize lipophilic drugs and helps increase shelf life.

Cavitation uses higher energy and is considered to be much gentler as a top-down particle processing method which is beneficial when dealing with a more sensitive biologic material.

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